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The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is in stores now.

Deborah reviews Quantum of Solace
Deborah reviews Casino Royale.

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is a never-before compiled compendium of lists, facts, anecdotes, trivia, commentary, photos and much, much more, about the most valuable movie franchise in movie history. Filled with minutiae culled from the far-reaches of the planet, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is your one-stop shop for all things Bond, including a detailed listing of every Bond movie ever made, the actors, the guns, the gadgets, the girls, the cars and everything in-between. A must for even the casual Bond fan.
  • Best and Worst Bond Girls.
  • Best and Worst Songs.
  • Rating the Villain's Plot.
  • Number of Explosions.
  • How to Make a Vodka Martini.
  • Memorable Quotes.
  • Locations! Locations! Locations!
  • Oscar Winners in the Bond Films.
  • How to Play Chemin-de-fer .
  • Secret Code Words.
  • and so much more...